Foreign Correspondent (1999-2011)

186_8661_22011. Terrible floods, bushfires and cyclone Yasi put an end to my stay in Australia and my job as a Foreign Correspondent.
News stories were tough, more than 70 people died and the level of destruction in Queensland, was appalling… More

166_6676_RT8 2010. Guillermo, The Prince of Wales, visited Australia and New Zealand. S new miracle set Mary MacKillop on the path to sainthood. And Dom Paulino, the last Spanish Benedictine monk in New Norcia, died… More

IMG_50902009. We started celebrating 2009 with the Sydney Festival and All Tomorrow’s Parties, listening to Nick Cave on Cockatoo Island. But later, that January, there were deaths in South Australia because of the extreme heat… More

176_76952008. Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, apologized to the victims of the ‘Stolen Generation’, that was for me the biggest news of the year and a very emotional moment. Edmund Hillary, who together with Tenzing Norgay… More

176_76542007. We had cyclone Nelson and George. Bushfires, draught, sharks and Kangaroo stories; Japan continued to kill whales in the Southern Ocean, there were many arts events, alleged terrorists, Dick Cheney and the Dalai Lama visited… More

178_78452006. We saw cyclone Monica! and Clare, Larry and Glenda. Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter, died. The Australian Wheat Board (AWB) saga continued; the issue was that Australia paid AU$ 290 million in bribes to Hussein’s regime in… More

Kangaroos 2005. It seems it was a big year for me and that I felt quite cultural, covering quite a relevant number of artistic events. On local level, the AWB scandal came out to light, alleged terrorists were detained, there were crocodile… More

Redfern2004. On a hot summer day, the death of teenager Thomas “TJ” Hickey, in Redfern, ignited violent riots at The Block, aboriginal land in the heart of Sydney. I was then living in Melbourne but had flown up to visit some friends… More

Uluru2003. was quite a dark year, for me personally and more generally in current affairs. On the 18th of January 2003, and in a matter of ten hours, bush-fires ravaged the Australian capital city, Canberra. 500 homes were destroyed… More

202_02592002. There were bush-fires, drought, more illegal fishing and Cyclone Chris in Australia; the main issues in the media were the fear of terrorist attacks and possible military intervention in Iraq… More

IMG_94122001. In August the MV Tampa, a Norwegian freighter, rescue up 438 asylum seekers in international waters near Australia. The Howard Government refused permission for the freighter to enter Australian waters,… More

Parlamento de Fiyi, en Suva2000. In Australia, we had Cyclones Steve, Rosita, Sam.
The World Economic Forum was held in Melbourne. What was most interesting, to me, were the talks inside, but what I was asked to cover was… More

Bonbeach, Victoria1999. I started working as a journalist at Agencia EFE, when I was living in Manila, thanks to Alfonso Bauluz. My first stories focused on science, health and social issues. Soon, the real action, was to start in Melbourne but also in East Timor, Taiwan, New Zealand, Fiji, … More

Some features I am specially thankful to have had the chance to write:



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Between 1999 and 2011 I worked as Australian and South Pacific correspondent for Spanish News Wire Service, Agencia EFE; freelanced for Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, radio station Catalunya Radio, and undertook numerous other freelance and research activities with BBC, CNN, the Mexican Monitor Radio, and many others. For a short period I was also a newsreader at the Spanish Program of the Australian Special Broadcasting Corporation (SBS Radio).

I gathered, analysed, processed and delivered information on a wide range of topics that included politics, finance and economics, culture, arts, science, technology, tourism, leisure, and sport for a range of Spanish speaking audiences worldwide. I worked closely with organisational sources within governments; the private sector; NGO’s; community groups (specifically the Spanish and Catalan Speaking Community in Australia); interest groups and media sources.

I was on assignment in numerous locations in Australia and the South Pacific; worked closely with East Timorese and Pacific Islanders communities; met, interviewed, photographed and wrote about the Arrente community in Hermannsburg, the Manyallaluk community near Katherine (both in the Northern Territory); and the Kaanju tribe in Cape York, among others.

I had studied Law in Spain and specialized in Public International Law in the Netherlands and again in Spain, and then studied Australian Studies and Communications in Australia. All along I only wanted to contribute to change things for the better; becoming a correspondent made me think that was my chance, but if anything -10 years later- I was thinking my work as a journo was probably making things still worse.

Maybe the way to change things is not knowing the big current affairs stories, and working with big organisations and governments that can have an impact, but on the contrary, knowing our surroundings, taking care of our land, from little things big things grow.

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