We saw cyclone Monica! And Clare, Larry and Glenda. Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter was attacked by a stingray and died.

The Australian Wheat Board (AWB) saga continued. The issue was that Australia paid AU$ 290 million in bribes to Saddam Hussein’s regime in ‘transportation fees’, defrauding the UN and violating sanctions. Theatre company Version 1.0 did a great play about it.

There were bushfires in the South East of Australia, another coup d’état in Fiji. This time Commodore Frank Bainimarama ousted Qarase, who he himself had appointed Prime Minister in 2000 to get rid of George Speight, the leader of that year’s coup.

The G20 meeting took me back to my Australian hometown, Melbourne. The level of security was crazy, the Media Centre was at the Casino and the event at the Hyatt Hotel, at the opposite end of town.

I went to Cairns for the World Economic Forum meeting, which was supposed to be crucial for the Doha Round. And violence in East Timor continued to afflict the newest and poorest country of the region.