There were bushfires, drought,  more illegal fishing and Cyclone Chris. Fear of terrorist attacks and possible military intervention in Iraq hogged the headlines. A World Trade Organisation mini-summit was held in Sydney, New Zealand Helen Clark was re-elected. Cyclone Waka lashed New Zealand and the South Pacific.

On 12 October, on the Indonesian island of Bali, 202 people were killed in a terrorist attack, 88 of them Australian. I backed our correspondent in Indonesia with the coverage from Australia. Including the repatriation of the wounded and distribution of medical assistance. It was a tough job, and yet I was covering it from the distance.

In April I traveled to Dili for the first East Timorese Presidential Elections. Those were exciting times. I interviewed Xanana Gusmao, José Ramos Horta and Mari Alkatiri among other Timorese politicians, met Sergio Vieira de Mello, had the great and unexpected pleasure of finding my friend Myriam (last seen in Manila in 1999) at “the” cafe; I “liaised” with UNTAET staff and worked, hung out and had lots of fun with Portuguese journalists.

Some articles published in La Vanguardia (open pdf in a new window on image click)

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17 MARZO 2002. El ocio y el deporte marcan la moda en Australia, casi un continente que vive mirando al mar. Todo vale. Las modas más diversas coexisten sin sorpresas ni estridencias. Las actividades surgidas junto al mar, y especialmente el surf, inspiran una moda que aporta comodidad y que sirve para realzar los cuerpos. Aunque no siempre los surfistas sean los que vistan de esa forma…